Franklin County Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors exists to be an installation of hope by providing support, understanding and resources to the bereaved by suicide.

FC LOSS began serving the community on November 1, 2014.

Our programs support survivors of suicide loss as they learn to integrate their loss into their lives.

In 2015 over 170 people died by suicide in Franklin County leaving behind hundreds of friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors and classmates to make sense of it.

Why all the focus on serving those who are bereaved by suicide? 

Because research shows the liklihood of the bereaved by suicide taking their own life is much higher than someone not bereaved by suicide.

Because the grief associated with a suicide loss is devastating and often times isolating. It may be riddled with shame, unanswered questions and guilt. Survivors of a suicide loss need resources and other survivors.

Because it is often those who have been most personally impacted by suicide that passionately dedicate themselves to suicide prevention awareness.

Because Franklin County needs healthy survivors who are leading the charge in suicide prevention.

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